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Back Pain Treatment the Natural Way at Westport Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Did you realize that back pain is a leading cause of disability and lost wages worldwide? It's so common that the World Health Organization estimates the lifetime prevalence is upwards of 70%. At Westport Chiropractic and Acupuncture, our staff is committed to helping the 7 out of 10 people expected to experience back pain by providing natural and non-invasive services expertly designed to meet individual needs and goals.

back pain

 Back Pain: Common Causes and Risk Factors

Despite how common back pain is, it's often not possible to tell exactly what's causing it. The good news is that research shows even idiopathic cases can respond positively to holistic and non-invasive treatment such as chiropractic care and acupuncture. 

When back pain is diagnosable, the most common underlying conditions include things like osteoarthritis (joint inflammation), spinal stenosis (degenerative narrowing of bony openings in the spine through which nerves travel), muscle spasms, joint subluxations or misalignments, and disc conditions (including disc bulge, disc herniation, and degenerative disc disease).

Common risk factors for back pain include obesity, advancing age, sedentary lifestyle, and physically demanding occupations. Traumatic accidents like car crashes and falls can also lead to back pain. Given these risk factors, you can see how back pain can affect people of all ages. 

Signs and Symptoms of Back Pain

Back pain can vary greatly in frequency and type. Many people report throbbing, aching, or dull pain in the back. It may become sharp with certain movements and also present with back stiffness and muscle spasms. 

If the underlying back pain condition also leads to compression of a spinal nerve root near the spine, then additional symptoms may include numbness, weakness, tingling, and pain in an arm or leg innervated by the affected nerve.

How a Westport Chiropractor Resolves Back Pain Naturally

Conventional treatment for back pain often includes medications or surgery, approaches which are more invasive and not appropriate for all people. Chiropractic care, including adjustments and postural correction techniques, can safely be used on people of all ages and health backgrounds. A Westport chiropractor can use manual and tool-assisted techniques to realign spinal joints and reduce back pain intensity in as little as one to two sessions. 

Additional services we offer at our chiropractic clinic, which enhance the healing effects of chiropractic, include:

  • Acupuncture: trigger biological changes in the body which affect tissue healing, anti-inflammation, and pain reduction
  • Lipo-Light and Acu-Thin: when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, these services can help you lose weight and reduce the amount of force imposed on your spine

Laid Up with Back Pain? 

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