Spinal Decompression

Lumbar Decompression

Lower back pain might occur if you spend a lot of time carrying heavy objects or sitting down for long periods of time. Lumbar decompression may provide relief for people with lower back pain. Our Westport chiropractors concentrate on extending the spine using a computer-controlled decompression table to decompress the discs and release pressure on pinched nerves. A negative gap is formed inside the discs when the spine is lengthened, allowing fluids, nutrients, and bulging disc tissue to migrate into the space between the vertebrae. By relieving pressure on the spinal nerves, this decompression can significantly lessen pain and improve function.

You will be fitted with a harness around your hips and torso as you recline on our plush treatment table, which will hold you firmly in place while receiving therapy. To ensure that each patient gets the most out of their treatment, everybody has a unique treatment program. Our lumbar spinal decompression device, also known as the NSSD, combines cutting-edge technology to precisely and quickly determine the required motion to get the greatest outcomes. Typical lumbar decompression procedures last 20 to 30 minutes.

Receiving Spinal Decompression Treatment

If spinal decompression therapy is advised following your consultation with our Westport chiropractor, our helpful, experienced staff will assist you in setting up your treatment appointments. The quantity and frequency of your appointments will vary because each patient is unique, and our spinal decompression chiropractor will make sure that you receive treatment that is catered to your particular needs. We at Westport Chiropractic and Acupuncture are dedicated to prioritizing our patients' needs because we feel that serving others is the highest calling there is.

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