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Jennifer K.

"Melted away with the Lipo-Light"



Melinda M.

"Lost over 5 inches!!"



Jayanti P.

"Lost 4 inches with Lipolight"





"Lost 3 inches in 8 visits"




Jennelle 06/2015

"The inscription should say another lipolight success story. Lost 3 inches."



Mitzie W. 01/2015

"I came in with a flabby stomach at 38 inches. After 12 visits for 20 minutes each time I'm very excited for my 35 inches. I would recommend this procedure and I'm very happy. Thanks Dr. Patrick!"



Angela S. 04/2014

"Another successful Lipo Light patient. Angela S. lost 3 in."




Serena S. 04/2014

"Another successful Lipo Light patient. Serena S. lost 3 in."




Jessica J 12/2013

"Another successful Lipo Light patient. Jessica J. lost 4 in."




Ellen M 12/2013

Another successful Lipo Light patient.




Helen E. 4/2013

"Another successful Lipo Light patient. Helen E. lost 4 in."



Before / After

"I am very please with my results. My arms look really good. I was able to finally get rid of the fatty pocket under my arms as well. I also have a more slender waist." - Kim S.

"I have no regrets in having signed up for the 12 Lipo Light treatments. In fact it was the motivation I needed to lose 10 lbs. The staff was pleasant, prompt, and professional. I thank them all." - Olivia Y.

"I had Lipo Light 2-3x a week for 20 sessions on my neck, abdomen and thighs. The results were great, 4" off the waist, a flatter, firmer belly and fantastic change in my neck. An old injury and surgery had resulted in fatty deposits that could only be corrected by surgery, until now. I highly recommend this therapy." - Carole M.

"I try so hard to keep in shape and watch what I eat, so diet and exercise are an important part of my daily routine.  Even so, I have stubborn areas which, no matter how hard I try, I just can't firm up.  Lipo-Light now does that for me.  After just a couple of treatments, my body looks great!"  - Nicola, South Wales


"Lipo-Light works! I lost one pants size!" - Janel C.




*Results not typical. Individual results will vary

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