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Spinal Decompression, “Michael M’s back pain was gone with the NSSD”




Before his NSSD treatment                                         After his NSSD Successful treatment



Michele L.    March/2012

"Another Successful NSSD Patient"



Rose Marie F.    March/2013

"Another successful NSSD patient."



Marlene T.   Janurary/2013

"Another successful NSSD patient.”



Reme S.   March/2013

"Another successful NSSD patient.”



Sandra S.   September/2012

"Another successful NSSD patient

"I first experienced severe lower back pain in July 2006.  There didn’t appear to be any particular activity that caused the problem.  After two MRIs, I was advised that I had severe stenosis of the lower spinal column, and was given medication to calm the pain.  At the time, I could not work or lie down without severe pain.  I had to sit in a recliner at a certain position in order to sleep. After a month, I was able to schedule an epidural at Norwalk Hospital.  This provided immediate relief. 

I was relatively pain free for two years, when I experienced another episode in June, 2008.  The diagnosis this time was acute sciatica and again, was heavily medicated until I could get another epidural.  With the epidural, I was once again relatively pain free.  However, that lasted only three months until I again experienced a painful attack.  This time I could hardly walk and, in fact, had to use a wheelchair to get around.  A friend and patient of Dr. Guerin's recommended that I schedule a consultation, which I did.

Upon reviews of my previous MRIs, Dr. Guerin opined that I was a qualified candidate for treatment on the NSSD.  After the first three or four treatments, I was relatively pain free and disposed of the cane I was using in order to walk.  I am now in my fifth week of treatments and am completely pain free.  I am even looking forward to spring when I feel I will be able to play golf again.  I have practiced my swing when weather has permitted, and have done so without pain.

I highly recommend Dr. Guerin and the NSSD to anyone experiencing back pain.  It has certainly helped me."

 -Charles French, Westport, CT.

“I suffered for months with debilitating sciatic pain and nothing seemed to relieve it.  I decided to try chiropractic care rather than pain medication or surgery.  Dr. Guerin suggested a regiment including the NSSD treatment along with electrical stimulation and adjustments.

In just a few treatments, my pain was gone and has not come back.  The NSSD was extremely comfortable and has become a relaxing part of my week that I look forward to.”

Kareen Kanaga, Westport, CT


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