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Dear Everyone at Westport Chiropractic (Nicolette, Alyssa, Jamie, Dr. Guerin and anyone else I missed!)

I just wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank you for trying to make sure that my treatment worked. Kindness is something that I preach to my own children and my students, and it is that much more rewarding when it arrives in unexpected places. Here I am, on a complete vanity trip, and every on of you was supporting my journey along way. Although I am not where I hope I would be at this time, it is not from a collective lack of trying to get there. Summer is the only time I have “me” time. I am shocked at how much of that “me” time was spent with all you. Thank you for making it restorative and downright dreamy.

If all goes well down the road, I will be back trying to get closer to my ideal. It is not because Westport is close to my home; it is because of generosity and interest in my self – improvement you all shared with me. I hope that kindness returns to you in unexpected places soon because the world needs more of that, and more people like you. I wish you all well and will be thankful for reason beyond what I see in the mirror.



I've been to other chiropractors which just did the same treatment (adjustments or what I call cracking) to everyone regardless of their issues. Dr. Guerin is amazing! He found my problems through X-rays and by evaluating my spine and neck and is continuing to address them with different regimens. I've never felt better. I had a head cold one day that I came in and afterwards I started feeling better and I wasn't stuffy anymore. Another time I came in, I had a migraine and with medication, nothing was helping. Dr. Guerin worked his magic i.e. Pressing on certain neck muscles and nerves and within 2 hours after I saw him, my migraine went away.
I feel better with each visit. I believe some people expect relief immediately and that's not how chiropractic works. Dr. Guerin explains, thoroughly, why I need to come for 3x for 6 weeks and then less afterwards. He is very knowledgeable and caring to your needs. I will never go to anyone else now and I live 45 min away! It's worth it!

Patrycja L.


I love westport chiro. I have been a patient of Dr. G for several years. Initially went because of chronic back pain, which Dr. G was able to resolve. I now go back for a "tune up" several times a year. I always leave feeling fantastic.

Thanks guys for all the hard work. Keeping me lined up is much appreciated!

Donny M.


To say I was a skeptic about seeing a Chiropractor is an understatement. I had no faith whatsoever that they'd be able to help my painfully twisted neck. But I hate taking pain medication - it just masks the real issue in my opinion. So, reluctantly I called Westport Chiropractic in Westport and made an appt. Well, my experience and results from my treatment with Dr Guerin have been spectacular. I feel amazing! ...and I did even after my first visit. no drugs! no pain! just relief and I'm back to normal life now! And Jess the office manager is a sweetheart. Just great people! I'm a true believer in chiro now!

Paul S.


dr guerin is very good.
the scheduling and waiting times need some work!

Lol S.


This is the best practice I have found for my particular needs.  Dr. Guerin is strong enough to get my back to adjust properly.

D R.

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