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Adjustments & Manipulation

Chiropractic Adjustments & Manipulation

With Our Experienced Chiropractors in Westport

When a chiropractor makes slight movements in the vertebrae of their patient’s spin, it is referred to as an adjustment or manipulation. The objective of adjusting or manipulating these vertebrae is to realign them into their proper positions if they have become misaligned. These vertebrae can become misaligned for any number of reasons, ranging from heavy lifting to normal daily activities to traumatic accidents, and more.

When your vertebrae get misaligned and shift out of place, your entire anatomy is negatively affected. Vertebrae are a core component of a human’s spine and the spine plays a key role in your muscular and central nervous system. When the vertebrae are misaligned, the spine can’t function properly, thereby preventing you from performing at your peak capabilities.

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Effective Treatments for Misaligned Spines

Adjustments occur when a chiropractor uses their hands or a tool to shift your vertebrae back into their proper positions. This is often a quick and efficient movement that does not cause discomfort. You may hear a sound that is similar to knuckles cracking and it is called joint cavitation. Joint cavitation occurs when gasses like nitrogen and oxygen are released from your joint. Our proficient chiropractors have over 100 years of combined experience and we have helped countless patients realign the vertebrae by using adjustments. We can help you fix your condition in a timely and professional manner while ensuring you have a comfortable experience.

Having your vertebrae in their proper positions is important because the spine is responsible for:

  • Holding and protecting your spinal cord
  • Allowing you to sit, lie, walk, lift, and run properly
  • Allowing your central nervous system to function as it should

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