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Is Treatment Painful?

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One would assume inserting a needle into the skin would be painful, since most of us can relate to being stuck with a pin or having a hypodermic injection. However, four acupuncture needles can easily be inserted into the hollow tube of a hypodermic needle. Because of the extreme slenderness of the needle, most people compare the sensation to less than a mosquito bite. A sensation referred to as “tehchi” occurs when the energy is contacted, and is feels like as a mild to moderate heaviness or tingling.

Many superficial needle acupuncture treatments call for additional stimulation with the use of mild electronic stimulation applied directly to the needle. It is pleasant and relaxing and producing, accelerated healing response. It is not painful, nor is any form of acupuncture.

Needles are historically the stimulation used in acupuncture however; many physicians certified in acupuncture are employing electronic and laser stimulation to the acupoint with equal effectiveness as the needle.  Both of these procedures are painless, and have become one of the standards worldwide.

The tapping needle “teishein” is not really a needle, as it does not pierce the skin. It produces a mild to moderate sensation over the acupoint, which may be compared to a ballpoint pen striking the skin. This form of stimulation has been successfully used for centuries.

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