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What is Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is acupuncture of the ear, used to control and modify addictive behavior.

How does Auriculotherapy work?

Acupuncturists have known for many years that there are specific points in the human ear that can be stimulated to help dramatically control various addictive behaviors. These are well documented, and are in use in clinics throughout the world to aid recovery from addictions by relieving cravings. Dr. Guerin says: “I use five ear points in my treatment, which results in appetite suppression without side effects. This, in combination with minimal herbal and nutritional supplementations, gives my patients more than enough support to become successful in losing weight."

How fast can the average patient attain their goals?

"The rate of weight loss varies from person to person depending on several variables in each patient's environment. We can make recommendations but it is up to the individual to follow through. I find the patients who have the most desire to lose weight do best. Our treatments make a big difference in that if you are not hungry, you won’t eat," says Dr. Guerin.


How much of a commitment does a patient have to make?

Dr. Guerin recommends the same answer for all patients, “Let's start with one treatment and see if you are comfortable with this approach. If a patient leaves my office with a sense that they are feeling more relaxed or serene, it is a good indication that this patient may be a good candidate. It is at this point that I find out what the individual's weight loss goals are, so I can better customize a plan for them."

Does Acupuncture hurt?

"Most people don't feel anything because the bore (or head) of the pin is so small. People are more likely to feel the bite of a mosquito than the pins. For those people who are still worried about 'pain', I suggested needle-less acupuncture, which is done by micro-stimulation to the points via slight electrical charge. This procedure is performed in our office as well, and can be done in half the time of traditional acupuncture."

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