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Auriculotherapy (Ear Acupuncture)

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On the ear there are more than one hundred acupoints which relate to various organ systems and parts of the body.  During fetal development the first structure to form is the brain and spinal cord.  At eight days of development a projection from the mesoderm will develop a small nob which ultimately will become the external ear. All parts of the body both internal and external will have a specific reflex point on the external ear.  Stimulation of one or more of these points elicits remarkable healing response.

The Ancient Asians as well as European and American practitioners view the ear as resembling an upside down fetus with all of the body parts proportionately arranged in and on the ear. Therefore, the lobe of the ear would relate to the head, brainstem, face, etc.  Whereas the top of the ear relates to the knee, foot, ankle and more.  The entire spine may be successfully treated through the ear.

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