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Addiction Control

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Acupuncture has gained a great deal of notoriety in recent years concerning its considerable success with addiction control. It has been shown that Acupuncture has a very positive effect in the area of both drug and alcohol addiction. This procedure in conjunction with professional counseling has been proven extremely effective.

One of the most noteworthy addictions Acupuncture helps is smoking. The average patient will reduce their intake by at least one half within twenty four hours of the first treatment. Some quit completely after the first treatment. Several additional treatments generally allow the patient to stop without experiencing the negative side effects of quitting. Acupuncture also has a favorable effect in weight control. Currently there are several clinics in the U.S. devoted solely to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Westport Chiropractor | Addiction Control. Dr. Patrick Guerin is a Westport Chiropractor.